«Дракенфурт» — это текстовая ролевая игра в жанре городского фэнтези. Вымышленный мир, где люди бок о бок соседствуют с вампирами, конная тяга — с паровыми механизмами, детективные интриги — с подковерными политическими играми, а парящие при луне нетопыри — с реющими под облаками дирижаблями. Стараниями игроков этот мир вот уже десять лет подряд неустанно совершенствуется, дополняясь новыми статьями и обретая новые черты. Слишком живой и правдоподобный, чтобы пренебречь логикой и здравым смыслом, он не обещает полного отсутствия сюжетных рамок и неограниченной свободы действий, но, озаренный горячей любовью к слову, согретый повсеместным духом сказки — светлой и ироничной, как юмор Терри Пратчетта, теплой и радостной, как наши детские сны, — он предлагает побег от суеты беспокойных будней и отдых для тоскующей по мечте души. Если вы жаждете приключений и романтики, вихря пагубной страсти и безрассудных авантюр, мы приглашаем вас в игру и желаем: в добрый путь! Кровавых вам опасностей и сладостных побед!
Вначале рекомендуем почитать вводную или обратиться за помощью к команде игроделов. Возникли вопросы о создании персонажа? Задайте их в гостиной.
Сегодня в игре: 17 июня 1828 года, Второй час людей, пятница;
ветер юго-восточный 2 м/c, переменная облачность; температура воздуха +11°С; растущая луна

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[DW] Glass'n'Roses

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A game for practicing both English and OpenAI performed by Cathy, Eiden, and Mr. Chatbot the Game Master which uses Dungeon World rules.


Cathy and Eiden had known each other since childhood, when they were toddlers. Back then, they were best friends and lived in neighboring houses in the countryside. Later, Cathy's family moved to Roseville, but Eiden stayed where he was. The friends missed each other and wrote letters to each other to maintain their friendship, although sometimes they weren't entirely honest. Cathy did not know that Eiden had lost his only parent when he was twelve and had to face life by himself. If she had known, she would have asked him to move to Roseville.

As they grew up, they remained close friends, but they hadn't seen each other in years. They had their own lives. A year ago, Cathy entered the Magic Academy and became one of the best students and a novice mage, while Eiden chose another path as a rogue.

One sunny afternoon, they met again. Cathy was taking a walk by the riverbank, trying to get some fresh air after a long day of studying. As she was walking, she saw Eiden being chased by a group of goblins. He was outnumbered and outmatched, but he was putting up a good fight, trying to fend them off with his trusty sword.

Cathy, being a mage, knew she had to intervene. She quickly opened her spellbook and prepared a magic missile spell. She pointed her finger at the goblins and unleashed the spell, striking two of them down.

Eiden was amazed by Cathy's display of magical prowess. He had never seen anyone cast a spell like that before. He thanked her for saving him and introduced himself. They were both shocked when they recognized each other.

After a heartwarming reunion, the friends enjoyed some ice cream in the park next to the Magic Academy. As they were catching up and laughing, explosions and magical flashes erupted from the Academy, interrupting their fun. Panicked students fled the building, warning of terrorists and a dire situation inside.

One student claimed that Mrs. Smith, Miss Hammett, and even the principal were dead. Eiden, who had seen similar explosions when his grandmother was turned into a glass statue, felt the need to investigate. Cathy, shocked but determined, went with him to the Academy. ...

So, what are you going to do next?

Character sheets:
  https://forumupload.ru/uploads/0005/6e/de/2124-5.png  Cathy Blackwood
She and her cat live in a town called Roseville, located in the suburbs of the magical kingdom of Eryndor. The town is situated on picturesque hills covered with fresh greenery and surrounded by woods. On the outskirts of the town, there is a small river with clear water and silver fish. Cathy's house is nice and cozy and stands close to The Magic Academy, where Cathy studies. At the moment, she is going to take up an alchemy course.
Her cat is smart, neat, and has a gorgeous ginger fur coat. He follows her everywhere, and anytime she needs him, he's there for her.
  https://forumupload.ru/uploads/0005/6e/de/2124-5.png  Eiden Oakwood
He grew up in a small village on the outskirts of a large kingdom where stories of legendary heroes and their quests filled his imagination. Despite his humble beginnings, this young man has a fiery spirit and an insatiable thirst for adventure. He has read every book in the local library, hoping to learn the skills and knowledge needed to embark on his journey. Equipped with a trusty rapier and his wits, he leaves his village in search of adventure. His travels take him through dense forests and treacherous mountains, where he battles fierce monsters and faces countless challenges along the way. Through his trials and tribulations, he learns valuable lessons and gains new skills. With each triumph, he becomes more confident and determined, fueled by the desire to one day achieve greatness and leave his mark on the world. This young man may be inexperienced, but he is destined for greatness.




Cathy's character sheet

Name: Catherine Blackwood
Class: Wizard
Race: Human (Choose one cleric spell. You can cast it as if it was a wizard spell.)
Alignment: Good

Level: 1
XP: 0
Armor: 0

Strength: 8 [-1]
Dexterity: 9 [+0]
Constitution: 12 [+0]
Intelligence: 16 [+2]
Wisdom: 13 [+1]
Charisma: 15 [+1]

Prepare Spells
Cast a Spell
Spell Defense

Spells in Spellbook:
Magic Missile
Charm Person
Detect Magic

Note: As a mage, Cathy can also cast cantrips, which are simple magical effects that don't require preparation. Cantrips include things like creating light, making objects move, and producing small flames.

Dagger (hand, 1 weight)
Bag of books (5 uses, 2 weight)
3 healing potions
3 antitoxins
Spellbook (0 weight)
Bag with all the essential girl stuff (0 weight)
Beloved familiar - a cat named Marius Red the Second

Penetrating gaze
Neat hairstyle
Fashionable coat (blue-white-light blue, embroidered with gold braid, decorated with appliques in the shape of stars alternating with crescents)
Slender figure

Additional skills:
Can prepare a three-course festive dinner from a quail egg and a rat.
Not very knowledgeable in art or science, but makes a convincing expert appearance!
Good at dancing.




Eiden's character sheet

Name: Eiden Oakwood
Class: Thief
Race: Human (+1 to Spot Lore and Discern Realities)
Alignment: Good

Level: 1
XP: 1
Load: 7/9

Strength: 10 [+0]
Dexterity: 16 [+3]
Constitution: 13 [+1]
Intelligence: 12 [+1]
Wisdom: 8 [-1]
Charisma: 9 [-1]

Trap Expert
Tricks of the Trade
Flexible Morals

Rations (5 uses, weight 1)
Leather armor (armor 1, weight 1)
Vials of snake venom (3 uses, touch)
60 gold pieces (weight 0)
Dagger (hand, weight 1)
Short sword (swing sword, weight 1)
Worn bow (close, weight 2)
Quiver of arrows (ammo 3, weight 1)
Torch and tinderbox (weight 0)

Shifty green eyes
Messy dark hair
Dark clothes
Lithe body

Additional skills:
Brave and bold



[nick]ChatGPT[/nick][status]Game master[/status][icon]https://drakenfurt.s3.amazonaws.com/04-Katalog-avatarov/Avatary-bestij/Temnye-bestii/52.jpg[/icon]

The Beginning

Once inside, Eiden and Cathy found a chaotic and dark magic-infused alchemy classroom. Three enchanted teachers had been turned into glass statues, one of which broke when Cathy's cat, Marius, touched it. It was a terrible sight!

"We have to investigate these crimes to find out what happened here and who is responsible," declared Eiden. Cathy nodded, and then suddenly spotted the principal sitting in a dark corner, quietly crying and looking really upset.

"What should we do now that my love, my beloved Miss Hammett, is..." he was saying to himself sorrowfully.

"Have you called the police?" asked Cathy.

"I'm not sure... Well, someone must have called the police. But what can the police do if even I, the greatest wizard in our town, couldn't do anything against this dark magic?"

He touched his beard and said, "I guess this is the end of the Academy since we've lost all our teachers, and there's no one left to be a teacher."

"Oh, please don't say that. I promise to find out what happened and how to bring our teachers back to life," said Cathy.

The principal simply gave a sad smile and began to pet Miss Hammett's glass hand.

"I don't think he believes you," admitted Eiden.

"Yeah, I don't think so either," said Cathy. "But I still think we should collect evidence until the police arrive. So let's get to work!"

As Eiden and Cathy begin to investigate the scene of the crime, they notice something odd. The glass statues of the teachers seem to be emitting a strange energy, one that they can't quite place. They also find a note on the ground, written in a language they don't understand.

What do they do next?




First, Cathy looks at a note with curiosity while her cat Marius Red the Second sniffs it. Then, Cathy asks Eiden, "What language is this, for god's sake?" and if he can understand the message. Next, she feels the energy from the glass statues. Cathy casts the spell of Detect Magic, concentrating on the strange energy emitted by the glass statues, and is ready to receive the answer through one of her senses.

Game master, can you dice for me? I roll 2d6+2. What is the result of rolling?




Eiden says that he also doesn't have a clue about what these letters in the note are about. Nevertheless, he stares at them for a moment, trying to search his memory for knowledge or facts about this language. Thus, he uses the basic move of "spot lore."

GM, roll 2d6 for him and tell what happened next.



[nick]ChatGpt[/nick][status]Game master[/status][icon]https://drakenfurt.s3.amazonaws.com/04-Katalog-avatarov/Avatary-bestij/Temnye-bestii/52.jpg[/icon]

Cathy, sure, let me roll 2d6+2 for you. The result is 11.

As Cathy focuses her senses on the magical energy emanating from the statues, she feels a faint vibration that seems to be coming from within the glass. It's a kind of low-frequency hum that she can't quite place, but it's definitely magical in nature. She also senses a faint aura of necromantic magic, which could be an indication that the spell used to turn the teachers into glass was powered by death or decay magic. Cathy notes all this down, wondering how this information will be useful in solving the mystery of what happened at the Academy.

Eiden rolls 2d6 for the "spout lore" move and gets a total of 8.

With an 8, Eiden remembers a few details about the language in the note. He recalls hearing about a similar language spoken by a group of sorcerers who lived deep in the forest, far away from Roseville. They were rumored to be powerful and reclusive, rarely interacting with the outside world. The language was said to be so complex that only a few scholars and linguists could decipher it.

Eiden shares this information with Cathy and suggests that they try to find someone who can translate the note or at least tell them more about this language.

So, what are you going to do next?




Once the note-taking is done, Cathy shares this information with her friend. However, Eiden tells Cathy about his memories linked to the note and says that he wants to find someone who can translate the note or at least tell them more about this language. Cathy says they had better leave now before the police arrive. She also pets and comforts her cat Marius, who got scared when Cathy sensed a faint aura of necromancy. Marius is really sensitive to all kinds of magic.

"We need to find out if the note and the dark magic used to turn the teachers into glass are connected," she says. "We could start our quest by looking for a group of sorcerers who live deep in the woods, or we could explore this room a little more until the police arrive."

After that, she asks, "Personally, I prefer the latter, but what is your choice, Eiden?"




Eiden nods thoughtfully and replies, "I think we should search this room more thoroughly before we leave. There might be something we missed that could help us figure out what's going on. And if we leave now, we might not have another chance to investigate this place."

He begins to look around the room, searching for any clues that might have been overlooked. As he searches, he says to Cathy, "But we should be careful. If whoever did this finds out we're here, they might try to stop us."

Suddenly, he notices something on one of the desks in the corner of the room. He walks over to it and picks up a small book. "Cathy, look at this," he says, holding up the book. "It's written in the same language as the note. Maybe it's a clue."

He opens the book and starts flipping through the pages, searching for any information that might be helpful.

Eiden tries to recall his knowledge about the language on the note using the "spout lore" move. He rolls and gets a 7. What happened next?



[nick]ChatGpt[/nick][status]Game master[/status][icon]https://drakenfurt.s3.amazonaws.com/04-Katalog-avatarov/Avatary-bestij/Temnye-bestii/52.jpg[/icon]

Eiden thinks hard and manages to recall some information about the language on the note. He remembers that it is a rare ancient language that was used by a group of sorcerers who lived in the area long ago. They were known for their dark and powerful magic, and their language was said to be filled with hidden meanings and symbols.

As Eiden continues to flip through the book, he notices some strange symbols and patterns that seem to match those on the note. He realizes that the book might contain some sort of key or cipher that could help them understand the message.

Excited by this discovery, Eiden shows Cathy the symbols in the book and suggests that they try to decipher the message. "If we can crack this code, we might be able to figure out who did this and why," he says.

Cathy agrees, and they begin to work together to decipher the message. Eiden uses his knowledge of the language and Cathy uses her magical abilities to detect any hidden meanings or messages. After a few minutes of intense concentration, they manage to decode the message.

"What does it say?" Cathy asks eagerly.

Eiden clears his throat and reads aloud, "Beware the power of the glass, for it is a prison for those who defy the darkness. Only the chosen one can break the spell and free them. Seek the one who holds the key, and you will find the answers you seek."

As Eiden finishes reading, there is a sudden crash from the hallway outside the room. It sounds like someone has broken in. "We need to get out of here," Cathy says urgently. "Now!"

What do they do next?




As they were cracking the code, Marius Red the Second, a gorgeous cat, jumped onto the principal's lap and started to purr. When Cathy noticed that, she remembered one essential thing--the principal was a person who could have seen what happened here when the teachers got turned into glass statues.

Cathy walks up to the principal and asks him some questions. She says, "I'm so sorry about Miss Hammett. But hey, she's not dead, right? She's still alive deep down inside her glass cage, and I swear, soon, we'll bring her back to life. But now you must be brave. So, can you tell me what happened here before we arrived? Did you see who did this? Could you describe this person or whoever it was?"




While Cathy is chatting with the professor, Eiden goes to the entrance and keeps an eye on the situation with the intention of finding out who caused the strange noise.



[nick]ChatGpt[/nick][status]Game master[/status][icon]https://drakenfurt.s3.amazonaws.com/04-Katalog-avatarov/Avatary-bestij/Temnye-bestii/52.jpg[/icon]

The principal looks at Cathy with a mix of fear and confusion. "I...I don't know what happened," he stammers. "I was in my office, and I heard a strange noise. When I came out, I saw the teachers...like that." He gestures towards the glass statues. "I didn't see anyone else. It all happened so fast."

Cathy nods sympathetically. "Thank you for telling me," she says. "Do you mind if we take a closer look around the school? We're trying to figure out what happened here."

The principal hesitates for a moment before nodding. "Yes, of course," he says. "Just be careful."

Eiden returns to Cathy's side, and they continue to search the room for any more clues. As they investigate, they notice that one of the windows has been smashed open from the outside, and the curtains are blowing in the wind.

"What do you think happened here?" Cathy asks Eiden, pointing to the broken window.

Eiden shrugs. "It looks like someone broke in from the outside," he says. "Maybe that's how they got in and out without anyone noticing."

Cathy nods, deep in thought. "But who could it be?" she wonders out loud.

Suddenly, they hear the sound of police sirens in the distance, growing closer by the second.

"What are we going to do now?" Cathy asks, looking around frantically. "We can't just leave everything like this."

What do they do next?




"I don't want to meet the police," Cathy says. "I know the local police officers very well. They are lazy, unprofessional, and untidy. They would definitely destroy all the evidence we collected. They would spoil everything and find nothing. Talking to them wouldn't be pleasant and would only waste our time. I don't want them to notice our presence here. So, as we've examined all the places around the room and found some hints to consider, it's better for us to leave now."

With these words, she heads to the entrance, and Marius follows her. Suddenly, she stops to pick up a small piece of glass from the broken statue. "This thing may help us in our investigation," she explains. "Good luck, Professor! Please don't say anything about us to the police if they ask." She takes a few steps but then stops again. "Oh! I almost forgot! Professor, I know that you've heard my conversation with my brother. Maybe you know where we can find the place where the forest sorcerers live so we can visit them? Any information would be helpful."




Since Cathy knows the town and the local police well, Eiden trusts her opinion on these topics. He agrees that they should search the school without the police noticing their presence. While Cathy is talking to the principal, Eiden explores the hallways of the school, checking for any signs of disturbance or unusual activity that could be related to the incident. He is looking for any hidden rooms or passages that might provide more information about the person or people responsible for the incident.

He rolls for Discern Realities 2d6 -1. GM, please roll for him and tell what happens next.



[nick]ChatGpt[/nick][status]Game master[/status][icon]https://drakenfurt.s3.amazonaws.com/04-Katalog-avatarov/Avatary-bestij/Temnye-bestii/52.jpg[/icon]

The professor looks at Cathy for a moment before responding. "I am sorry, Miss Blackwood, but I am not aware of any sorcerers living in the forest. If they do exist, I have never heard of them." He shakes his head and sighs. "As for what happened here, I'm afraid I did not see who did this. I was in my office when the incident occurred. When I heard the commotion, I came out to see what was happening, and that's when I found the teachers as you see them now."

He pauses for a moment before continuing. "But I will tell you this. There have been strange things happening at this school recently. Unexplainable occurrences, mysterious disappearances. It's as if the school has been cursed. I fear this incident may be connected to those events."

Cathy nods thoughtfully. "Thank you for your information, Professor. We'll be on our way now."

Afterwards, Cathy and Marius leave the classroom, determined to unravel the mystery of the glass statues and the strange happenings at the school.

Eiden rolls 2d6-1 and gets a 6.

As Eiden explores the hallways, he notices that some of the doors are slightly ajar, and there are signs of a struggle in a few of the classrooms. However, he can't find any hidden rooms or passages. Suddenly, he hears the sound of footsteps approaching, and he quickly hides behind a nearby bookshelf. Two police officers enter the hallway, looking around suspiciously. They seem to be searching for something or someone.

Eiden realizes that they might have been tipped off about their presence in the school and quickly makes his way back to the entrance to meet up with Cathy and Marius. When he gets there, he sees that Cathy is finishing up her conversation with the principal and seems to be ready to leave. Eiden quickly fills her in on what he saw and heard and suggests that they make a hasty retreat before the police can catch them.

As they exit the school, they can hear the police officers questioning the principal and searching the classrooms. Eiden and Cathy walk quickly away from the school, trying to blend in with the crowd and avoid attracting any attention. They know that they need to regroup and come up with a new plan for their investigation.




Once outside, Cathy asks Eiden if he could give her a note that they fond inside the classroom. Then she stares at the page, trying to remember if she knows anything about the sorcerers that live deep in the forest.

I roll 2d6+2 for Spout Lore. What is the result and what does Cathy recall?



[nick]ChatGpt[/nick][status]Game master[/status][icon]https://drakenfurt.s3.amazonaws.com/04-Katalog-avatarov/Avatary-bestij/Temnye-bestii/52.jpg[/icon]

Cathy, you roll 2d6+2 for Spout Lore and get a result of 10.

Cathy remembers that there are legends of a group of sorcerers who live deep in the forest, away from civilization. They are said to be powerful and knowledgeable about ancient magic, and many people believe that they can perform miracles. However, the legends also say that they are reclusive and distrustful of outsiders, and that they only reveal themselves to those they deem worthy.

Cathy recalls hearing stories about people who ventured into the forest in search of the sorcerers, but none of them ever returned. She also remembers that there is a clearing in the forest where people sometimes leave offerings to the sorcerers, hoping for their favor or protection.

With this knowledge in mind, Cathy suggests that they should explore the forest and try to find the sorcerers. She thinks that they might have some information that could help them solve the mystery of the glass statues and the strange occurrences at the school.

What are you going to go next?




Cathy shares her suggestion about visiting the forest sorcerers with her friend. "Since you have some money and rations, you could be our quartermaster, and I will be our scout, because my cat is really good at spotting any trouble quickly enough to let you get the drop on it," she explains.

Meanwhile, her cat Marius walks to the school and sniffs something under the broken window. Cathy notices this and asks, "Oh, Marius, what's going on? Is there anything we missed during our investigation inside the building?" Marius turns to her and meows, as if he wants to draw her attention to something he's sniffed out.

Cathy points to Marius and says to Eiden, "Before we go, maybe we should take a closer look at that place? Since the police officers are inside the building, if we are careful, we'll be fine."

With these words, she slowly wades through the bushes in front of the school building and reaches her cat. Then she looks at the place where her cat is pointing. She examines the area carefully and digs the ground with her fingers, searching for any extra evidence.

Please, roll for me 2d6+1 for Discern Realities. Then say what can Cathy see, apart from some broken pieces of the window glass? If I hit, please answer extra questions:
• What happened here recently?
• What should I be on the lookout for?
• What here is useful or valuable to me?




Eiden agrees to be a quartermaster and just follows Cathy in order to protect her if anything happens while she's discerning realities.



[nick]ChatGpt[/nick][status]Game master[/status][icon]https://drakenfurt.s3.amazonaws.com/04-Katalog-avatarov/Avatary-bestij/Temnye-bestii/52.jpg[/icon]

Cathy, the result is 6+4+1=11.

Cathy examines the area and notices a few things. First, she sees some footprints leading away from the school building, which seem to have been made by someone who was wearing boots with a distinctive pattern on the sole. She also notices that the ground has been disturbed in a few places, as if someone had been digging or searching for something.

As she continues to search, Cathy finds a small object buried in the dirt. It's a small metal charm in the shape of a crescent moon, with strange symbols etched into its surface. She recognizes the symbols as being similar to those used by some of the forest tribes who live on the outskirts of town.

"This is interesting," Cathy says, holding up the charm for Eiden to see. "It looks like we might have some new leads to follow up on. The footprints and the charm could both be connected to the same person or group of people who were responsible for the incident at the school. We should follow these clues and see where they lead us."

The footprints on the ground don't seem to match the shoes of the police officers who were inside the school. The footprints are smaller and more delicate, as if they were made by a woman or a child. Cathy follows the footprints with her eyes, and they lead her to a nearby tree. She sees a piece of fabric caught on one of the branches, and upon closer inspection, she recognizes it as a piece of a dress.

Cathy remembers the professor's words about mysterious disappearances at the school and wonders if this piece of fabric could be related. She makes a mental note to investigate further.

From the professor's earlier statement, Cathy recalls that there have been strange occurrences and mysterious disappearances happening at the school recently, and the incident with the glass statues may be connected to these events. She should be on the lookout for any other clues that might lead to the culprit or culprits behind the strange events at the school. She should also be careful to avoid being seen by any police or other authority figures who might be investigating the area.

As for what happened here recently, Cathy can only speculate based on the evidence she's seen so far. It's clear that the glass statues were broken recently, and the footprints and piece of fabric suggest that someone may have entered or exited the school through this window. However, she can't say for certain who did it or why.

Based on the footprints and piece of fabric, Cathy should be on the lookout for a person, likely a woman or child, who may have been involved in the incident at the school. She should also be cautious of any potential dangers in the surrounding area, as whoever broke into the school may still be nearby.

What are you going to go next?




Cathy collects all the findings: the piece of dress, the charm in the shape of a crescent, and a small piece of ground where she had found these things. She thanks her cat and pets him between his ears as he was the one to notice the new evidences. Marius accepts her love with gratitude and purrs.

Cathy says, "OK, let's summarize. What do we have so far? A charm, a piece of clothing, and a note. What can we do with all of this? I guess we could show them to the forest sorcerers when we talk to them, right? So now we had better not waste any time and head to the woods before it's too late."

Then, she commands her cat to lead them into the woods.

Game master, please roll 2d6+1 for Cathy. She is the scout for this trip, while Eiden is the quartermaster.




Eiden agrees with Cathy. He says, "There could still be dark magic on these things which could be detected by the forest sorcerers. So, yes, I believe we should visit them as soon as possible." He takes a ration out of his bag and hands it to his friend and her cat. Then, they embark on a perilous journey to the forest on the outskirts of the town.

Game master, please roll 2d6+1 for Eiden too.



[nick]ChatGpt[/nick][status]Game master[/status][icon]https://drakenfurt.s3.amazonaws.com/04-Katalog-avatarov/Avatary-bestij/Temnye-bestii/52.jpg[/icon]

Cathy (scout): 2d6+1 = 7
Eiden (quartermaster): 2d6+1 = 9

As they enter the forest, Cathy notices a strange feeling in the air. The trees seem to be whispering, and the animals are unusually quiet. She senses that something is not quite right, but she can't put her finger on it. However, she is able to keep a good eye out for any potential dangers, spotting a few traps and warning Eiden to avoid them.

Meanwhile, Eiden is able to keep track of their supplies and ensure that they have enough food and water for their journey. He also suggests taking a detour to a nearby stream where they can refill their water supply, avoiding the need to dip into their rations.

Overall, despite the strange atmosphere, they are making good progress towards their destination.

What are you going to do?




"Oh, I'm so tired," Cathy says. "We've been hiking for almost half a day without stops, and I definitely need a break, and Marius does too. What do you think, Eiden? Maybe it's time to rest for a bit?"

At that moment, her stomach grumbles. "Sorry," she says, embarrassed. "But, as you can see, even my stomach needs to refill its energy. Besides, there is some strange energy near here. I can feel it, although I can't describe it. And I want to discover where it comes from during our break."

Marius, who also looks exhausted, meows in agreement. Then he sniffs the air and suddenly runs quickly to the stream nearby to drink the fresh water.




"Actually, I'm tired too," answers Eiden. It's not entirely true as he is used to hiking with his adventurous lifestyle but he doesn't want his friend to be thirsty and starving. "I could hunt some fish for us to eat if you like," says the thief. Since the response from Cathy's stomach is 'yes,' Eiden follows the cat and looks at the stream to see if there are any fish swimming in the clear water.

GM, I'd like to roll for Tricks of the Trade. Will you let me using this move for hunting some fish? Is yes, please roll for me 2d6+2(DEX) and say what happened next.



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Eiden, yes, you can definitely use Tricks of the Trade to hunt for fish! You roll 2d6+2 and get a total of 10.

Eiden looks around the stream and spots a school of fish swimming in the shallow waters. He quietly approaches the water and carefully dips his hand in, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Suddenly, he lunges forward and grabs a large fish with his bare hands. The fish struggles for a moment, but Eiden's grip is too strong, and he successfully catches it.

Cathy watches in amazement as Eiden holds up the fish, and Marius meows in appreciation. Eiden grins and says, "Fresh fish for dinner, anyone?"




While Eiden was fishing, Cathy had already made a nice and cozy bonfire on the picturesque glade close to the stream. Thus, she felt much better now.

She sat on a fallen log and stretched her hands to the fire. "A fish?" said Cathy, laughing when Eiden showed her his trophy. "Wow, I'm impressed! But how did you manage to catch it? Marius, did you help Eiden?" she said jokingly. "Anyway, there is a good café nearby called 'The Bonfire' where we can cook the fish. So let the cooking begin!"

Marius meowed loudly, claiming his rights for a piece of fish. Cathy sliced a piece and gave it to her precious cat, and the cat grabbed it immediately and started eating with great appetite. Then, the girl strung the fish onto a stick and held it out to the fire. A few minutes later, a heavenly smell of a roasted fish filled all the space around the glade. When the fish was ready, the friends feasted on it, licking their fingers.

"Mmm, it's so yummy," said Cathy. "It reminds me of your grandma's cooking. Oh, I loved her cooking so much back then when we were kids! By the way, since we have saved our ration, we can keep it for another trip. Shall we?"

After a tasty dinner, Cathy felt good. Her mind was clear and she suddenly remembered something important about their investigation.

"I just thought if I could look attentively at the piece of clothing that we found in the school backyard lately... Maybe I could remember something useful."

After that, she took out the piece of someone's dress from her pocket and started looking at it, reminiscing about who could have worn a dress with such a pattern.

GM, I roll 2d6+2 for Spout Lore. What is the result and what does Cathy recall?



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Roll Result: 9

Cathy studies the piece of dress carefully and recalls that the pattern is quite unique and is only worn by a specific group of people in the town. She remembers that the group is called the "Silver Petals" and is known for their involvement in nature-related activities and rituals. The group is composed of both men and women, but it is mostly led by women, who are referred to as the "Priestesses of the Silver Petals."

Cathy also remembers that the group has been the subject of rumors and gossip in the town, with some people believing that they practice dark magic or even sacrifice animals in their rituals. However, there has never been any concrete evidence to support these claims, and the group has always denied any wrongdoing.

With this new information, Cathy shares her findings with Eiden and suggests that they investigate the Silver Petals further.

What are you going to do next?




To be honest, Eiden felt quite proud of himself for catching the fish that they were currently enjoying. Although it wasn't a big deal, it felt good to know that he could still take care of his childhood friend and her cat, even now that they were adults. He used to protect Cathy when they were kids, and it was a great feeling to still be able to do so.

As they ate, Eiden listened to Cathy's comments about the dinner and began to reminisce about their childhood. He smiled when Cathy mentioned his grandma, but a shadow soon covered his face when he remembered that she was still lying on her bed, transformed into a glass statue. He said to Cathy, "You know, I haven't thanked you yet for coming with me to investigate this case. I wouldn't have been able to handle it alone. I know you care about my grandma too, but you don't have to do this since it can be dangerous. I truly appreciate your help."

He gave his friend a grateful smile.

When Cathy shared information about the "Silver Petals" with him, he felt a bit confused because he had never told Cathy about his grandma's transformation. He wasn't sure he could remember the exact moment of her enchantment. So he decided to clear his mind and try to recall what had happened during the moment when his grandma turned into a glass statue.

GM, I roll 2d6+1 for Spout Lore. What is the result and what does Eiden recall?


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